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~My Top 5 Favorite VK Bands & Members~

1. Kamijo [Vo] // Versailles

2. Kaya [Vo] // Femme Fatale // Schwarz Stein

3. Ayame [Key] // Matenrou Opera

4. Takeru [Vo] // SuG

5. Rookie Fiddler [Violin] // ACE


Too much awesome in one picture >o< 

What I wouldn’t give to go to that live show.

Jupiter x Femme Fatale



I recreated one of my favorite families from TS3 in TS4 CAS demo today: The Vernai family! They were a family I made in Late Night, Ruki[blonde] was a playboy mixologist until he met Daemon, an aspiring actor. Years later,they end up married! Daemon a big celebrity, Ruki running his own bar in a resort, and likes to stay out of the paparazzi’s eye to create his own success — not leech off Daemon’s. They adopted a daughter named Ryla, and currently she is a teenager with a blossoming artistic side. I’m excited to see how they transition into TS4 >o<!

Seem pretty close besides minor things, and I had to make Ryla an adult until I can change her to a teen! Using the new CAS, the biggest irritation for me was the lack of a color wheel, or at least a broader selection of colors for clothing and hair.

Also I feel it’s a bit tougher to give guys prettier/feminine features, they were always locking up whenever I tried to tweak it a way I wanted ): 

Ruki x Daemon for life <3 I’ve never loved a family as much as these guys^^;

If you want to download this family to play when TS4 is out, or see my other sims…

Search my Origin ID : Uhlextric



Kamijo 2014

Kyaaaa~ so cool!

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1926. If Harry Potter Was An Anime.



I’ll always reblog it when I see it because this is the COOLEST THING I EVER SAW!

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Femme Fatale’s two new albums Gadsheim - Blanche & Noir are out and I’m in love. Both are amazing. Check out the previews if you haven’t heard them already! Afterglow & Crimson Nail are my favorites! <3



Please continue telling me I’m irreplaceable even though I know I’m not.

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